Born in the UK to a German mother and Gibraltarian father. I learned the importance of communication early on. When I was 16 a family member suffered a stroke and to converse they could only move their eyes up and down. So with help we were able to teach her to use her eyes up for yes and down for no. With the help of technology we trained her to use basic hand movements to be able to communicate in more complex ways and more emotional conversations. This made me realise the importance of technology to improve our lives.

At this stage my Nan was going partially blind and I moved to Australia but we wanted to still be able to see each other regularly by using tablets and Skype.

Now I’ve started my business to help others rebuild friendships and families that may have lost touch because of moving away or just lack of ways to contact one another.

The business has now expanded to help other businesses contact clients and staff. Also I help people by teaching the safety of the internet, using Microsoft office, skype, using emails and social networking and teaching on the device you own and at a speed that suits you.

For example I did this with one client who had retired from a high paying university position but because he had an administrative assistant he hadn’t used his computer in his office for 10 years. Now he retired he has joined many community boards. He wanted to learn how to use his IPad to take notes and send emails, organise his diary, use word processing and watch TV and movies.

In short, my life experiences have helped me learn the importance of technology and how it can help make life easier for everyone.